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About LTAM

The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia(LTAM) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the International Tennis Federation (ITF). All State Affiliates and Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, registered with the Malaysian Sports Commissioner, are members of LTAM. The members determine the strategic direction of LTAM and every two years there will be election of Office Bearers which form the Main Committee. The election of new Office Bearers for 2013/2015 was concluded on September 2013. The Main Committee comprises of the President, 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and 7 Committee members. The members will ideally elect Office Bearers who can find time to work for LTAM. The next election of Office Bearers will be in September  2015.

In general, the strategic direction of LTAM focus on the need to facilitate greater tennis participation in the country and in the process develop a sizeable number of high performance players or talent base through our national ranked tournaments. For talent base interested to be internationally known LTAM also works closely with ITF and ATF in the organisation of international ranked tournaments. LTAM works very closely with National Sports Council in talent base and elite players' development. LTAM also collaborated with the sports and tourism ministries in  the implementation of a wide range of tennis participation activities, talent base and elite players selection, honing and exposure development.

To enlarge its tennis participation base, LTAM also organizes a number of local and international tennis events, such as the Malaysian Open ATP, BMW Malaysian Open WTA, charity tennis, coaching and officiating courses.

Very instrumental in the  establishment of tennis academies, centers, schools and clubs as their viable existence will greatly assist in grass roots, junior and professional development of tennis in the country. Tennis clinics, workshops, elite camps and other talent honing programs are also vital in the development and growth of high performance tennis in the country.



The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) was established to be the governing body to promote the game of tennis in Malaysia in line with the aspirations and objectives of ITF which it is affiliated to.

The main aims and objectives of LTAM, in general , include but not limited to:

  • to facilitate, promote and govern the game of tennis throughout the country in a fair and reasonable manner
  • as a member of ITF, to carry out all the activites which ITF had approved and entrusted to LTAM
  • to represent, promote and govern the tennis interest of Malaysia overseas
  • ensure the selection procedures for tennis players, officials, coaches and any other person to represent Malaysia in the sport are open and fair
  • to strengthen and develop a proven high performance (talent base) infrastructure for tennis in the country
  • to ensure LTAM Constitution rules and regulations are observed and abide by all affiliated members in accordance with the rule of law
  • to control and exercise jurisdiction over all its activities in relation to tennis in Malaysia and by representatives of Malaysia abroad
  • to maintain good relationship with ITF and/or its equivalent without compromising the interest and reputation of LTAM and Malaysia
  • to represent Malaysia in tennis tournaments and activities locally and internationally




The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaya (LTAM) was founded in 1925 due largely to the keenness, foresight and practical work of Mr. Justice McCabe Reay, its first president. The LTAM was later affiliated with the Lawn Tennis Association in England, which in turn was a member of the International Lawn Tennis Federation. By 1935 the LTAM had grown to comprise (Selangor LTA, Perak LTA, Negeri Sembilan LTA, Johore LTA) and the Straits Settlement (Singapore LTA, Penang LTA, Malacca LTA). In 1937 LTAM joined the ILTF.  World War 2 interrupted LTAM activities but  was revived in 1948 with John A.Choon-leong became the first  President of  LTAM as well as of  SLTA. On the resignation of C.K. Pang as Secretary of both LTA of Malaya and Singapore LTA, the two Associations split off with the Late Mr V. Rajaratnam taking over as Secretary of LTAM

Name of Presidents

Year in office                                                     President

1925 - 1933                                                        Justice McCabe Reay

1933 - 1937                                                        Sir Walter C. Huggard, K.C.

1937 - 1947                                                        John A. Dean

1947 - 1949                                                        Chua Choon Leong

1949 - 1951                                                        Sidney C. Beaty

1951 - 1957                                                        Tan Sri Abdul Jamil Rais

1957 - 1959                                                        Tan Beng Chin

1959 - 1960                                                        Tan Phor Cheng

1960  - 1961                                                       Soon Cheng Soon

1961 - 1967                                                        Tan Sri Mohammad Khir Johari

1967 - 1969                                                        Tan Sri Abdul Jamil Bin Abdul Rais

1969 - 1971                                                        Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah

1971 - 1981                                                        Tan Sri Wan Suleiman

1981 - 1985                                                        Tan Sri Abdul Jamil Rais

1985 - 1999                                                        Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba

1999 - 2005                                                        Tan Sri Salehuddin Mohamed

2005 - Present                                                    Tan Sri Datuk Abdul Razak Latiff


The LTAM became an Associate Member of the ILTF in 1937 and a Full Member in 1963. The name was changed to the LTA of Malaysia in 1964 to include the other States of the new Federation of Malaysia.

The Tournament organized by LTA of Malaysia include the Junior Inter-State Competition, Junior Championships, National Grass Court Championships and Inter-State Competition. There is also an annual match between Malaysia and Singapore for mens, womens and juniors. Many international players took part in this Championship, including Neale Fraser, John Newcombe, Tony Roch, Colin Dibley (Australia), Ramanathan Krishnan, Premjit Lall (India), Felicisimo Ampon (Philippines) and top ranking players from other countries in Asia and from New Zealand.

State tournaments and Open Invitational both locally and internally were introduced under the guidance and rules of the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaya and later Malaysia. Such popular tournaments were the annual Malayan/Malaysian Malays Tennis Tournaments patronized and participated by the Rulers, and Governors.   

Notable Rulers who participated were: H.R.H. The Sultan of Pahang, H.R.H. The Raja of Perlis, H.R.H. The Sultan of Perak, H.R.H The Sultan of Kedah, H.R.H The Sultan of Terengganu and The Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan.  The Rulers were all avid and prominent tennis player who started playing tennis during their college days at home and abroad. They in turn encouraged the ordinary public to participate and play with them in tournaments.









































In the sport of tennis it takes 10,000 hours or ten (10) years, so to speak to produce a world class player. That means the player must start at an early age and the parents have to decide which to focus most, sports or studies. What does that mean? It means having to do full time for sports and part time in academics. In sports, there are only few champions and in tennis, if you are the special one, you can be an instant millionaire by winning from just one grand slam tournament.

Although the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia has long been in existence, there is no proven plan to produce world class player to make the country proud.  In order to achieve that goal we have no choice but go through the trial and error process relying on proven methods and strategies adopted by successful countries like Spain, Russia and China. We have more or less similar social and development infrastructure, basically, to create a bigger tennis participation base that will create sufficient pool of high performance players, the so-called our talent base.

LTAM has developed and implemented five (5) key strategies or key result areas since 2005 forming the so-called long term tennis development infrastructure for Malaysia graphically presented in the form of a Christmas tree as per the diagram below.

At the base is the strategy or key result area is to generate greater awareness and acceptance of the tennis sport through the creation of more facilities, coaching and officiating courses, grass roots ITF Tennis 10s, social tennis, organization of non-ranked tournaments, tennis exhibitions, WTA and ATP. Efforts will be made to attract the top ten world ranking players to make Malaysia as one of their favorite stopover for exhibition matches and tennis clinics. Thus far, LTAM is able to attract big names such Nadal, Federer, Elena Dementieva, Marion Bartoli and Venus Williams. A larger tennis participation base will provide larger talent base or high performance players for all age groups.

The second strategy or key result area is to focus on the creation of a bigger pool of high performance tennis players from the tennis participation base. We are targeting about 128 high performance players for each of the Open, 14U and 10U categories. Vigorous efforts will be directed towards the development of talented players with the required attributes which can only be done through the organization and implementation of well structured LTAM, ATF and ITF ranked tournaments in the country. In this respect, focus will be on LTAM ranked tournaments such as the National Circuit-Open, Sportexcel National Circuit 14U and ITF Tennis 10s National Circuit; the four (4) ATF 14U ranked tournaments and the ITF Grade 1, 3 and two (2) Grade 4 ranked circuits organized locally in Malaysia.

The third strategy or key result area is to always ensure proper annual identification and fair selection of talent amongst the high performance players or talent base to form the so-called elite squad who will represent and play for Malaysia in regional, junior and professional tournaments. LTAM shall endeavor and focus its efforts towards the fast track development of such elite squad to bring good name to Malaysia in world tennis. Proper talent identification through selection trials such as Masters involving not only round robin match play; physical fitness test; attitude test; and good standing with LTAM must be professionally implemented. Talent without ownership, self-discipline, passion and respect for the game is talent lost.

The fourth strategy or key result area focus on the formation of Elite Squad which comprise of players who excel in the Masters Selection. The elite squad skills will be honed and exposed locally and overseas from November till October through rigorous training at the National Tennis Academy at Kompleks Tenis Tun Razak and/or academies abroad and exposure in local and international tournaments organized locally and overseas. Normally from November till January they may be sent abroad for a broader international honing and exposure not only to enhance their skills but more important to increase their level of ownership and self-confidence. Appearing before an international crowd and facing top ranked players can be a very unnervering experience.

The fifth strategy or key result area is the formation of a sustainable and reliable National Teams from the elite squad to participate with a will to win in Davis Cup, Federation Cup, SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games. While winning is not everything yet losing well is everything.

It is hope, with this strategic mission in place since 2005, a Malaysian could emerge one day playing in Wimbledon?