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     June 2011

Selection Trial– A Basis In Talent Identification

When it comes to selecting players to represent the country, everyone seems to be an expert. The need for every stakeholder to understand the principle behind our selection process is therefore imperative.

What then shall be the basis if ranking system is only an indicator in talent identification? What about coach’s recommendation? Of course, I am referring to a professional coach who has a good track record in producing good talents regardless of origin.

Mind you, a good track record means not having to pinch ready-made talent from other coaches downstream and then claiming he had developed the talent from young!


Ranking System – An Indicator Not a Basis In Talent Identification

In my previous article, I have enlightened my readers a glimpse of the high performance infrastructure that I have been talking about since I first took Presidency of LTAM. I talked about talent base creation and the factors influencing its size and quality.  In fact, the talent base creation is the starting phase of this high performance infrastructure.  The next phase is the selection of elite talents from such a talent base, generally referred to as “Talent Identification”  to participate in a Selection Trial, which incidentally, represents another phase of the high performance infrastructure. I will talk about this in more detail in my next article. 

It is from this selection trial we will shortlist our national and back-up squads for the World Junior Team Championship (WJTC), Junior Davis Cup and Fed Cup, Davis Cup and Fed Cup. Not forgetting the SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games! How then do we identify talent, the elite players, from the talent base or pool of high performance players? The chosen few who will attend the Selection Trials and successful ones will further hone their skills and be exposed locally and abroad every year for the above-mentioned events and/or until they reach professional level.

Tournament – The Heart in Talent Base Creation

How shall we build a talent base one might ask? The so-called high performance players we can be proud off? How can we build our very own infrastructure that will ensure development and continuous evolution of homegrown talent from grassroots to professional levels?

 For LTAM, all we know is, we cannot do it alone and definitely requires the cooperation of all stakeholders, namely, State Affiliates, Coaches, Officials, Majlis Sukan Negara, parents and players. It is a strategic alliance and LTAM is not the only one to be blame if we cannot produce world class players.