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     January 2012

Strategic Mission

In the sport of tennis it takes 10,000 hours or ten (10) years, so to speak to produce a world class player. That means the player must start at an early age and the parents have to decide which to focus most, sports or studies. What does that mean? It means having to do full time for sports and part time in academics. In sports, there are only few champions and in tennis, if you are the special one, you can be an instant millionaire by winning from just one grand slam tournament.

Although the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia has long been in existence, there is no plan of a   winning formula in the past on how to produce world class player to make the country proud.  In order to achieve that goal we have no choice but go through the trial and error process relying on proven methods and strategies adopted by successful countries like Spain, Russia and China. We have more or less similar social and development infrastructure, basically, to create a bigger tennis participation base that will create sufficient pool of high performance players, the so-called our talent base.

ITF Asia 14 & U Development Championships 2012

The International Tennis Federation, in conjunction with the Asian Tennis Federation held an ITF Asia 14 & U Development Championships 2012 - Division 2 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, from 05-16 January 2012. The Championships is supported by the Grand Slam Development Fund. The Championships incorporate a one-day training camp followed by two 4-day tournaments, all at the same venue.